Nestled in the hills behind Mapleton on the Sunshine Coast, The Falls Farm produces fruit, veges and herbs in the loving hands of a green-thumbed family.


Since August 2013, The Falls Farm has been worked on using a combination of traditional farming techniques and the latest organic soil knowledge. Through visioning workshops, planning days, consultation with landcare groups and permaculture experts, The Farm has evolved from a degraded 30-acre property to a fully blossoming market garden of everyday and obscure veges for the curious.

The Farm, located near Mapleton Falls on the luscious Sunshine Coast, is run by Ben and Jess, globetrotting designers that return to the land constantly for sanity. Green-thumbed and versatile parents Christine, David, Peter and Val and a bevy of smiling farmhands have joined the ride, working towards the common goal of growing quality food while increasing biodiversity of a once-neglected piece of land.